Defulfator and smart battery charger Petch DSA1215


Desulfator and smart battery charger Petch DSA1215, smart with 4 charging mode: 1. Smart Charger (Automatic Charge) 2. Standby charge (Float charge) 3. Equalize charge (Boost charge) 4. Desulfator

Brand : PETCH


  • Defulfator and smart battery charger
  • Brand Petch
  • Model DSA1215
  • Output 12V Max 15A
  • Input Rating 300VA 250W
  • Battery Range 12V 30 - 250Ah
  • Dimension W x D x H (mm.) 213 x 280 x 225
  • Weight (Kg.) 4.7
  • 0V battery force charge function

Best for all kind of Lead-Acid battery, e.g. conventional / Maintenance Free (MF) / Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) / Deep Cycle / Traction / GEL / AGM battery.

Desulfator mode for conventional / MF / SMF / Flooded Deep Cycle / Flooded Traction only.  Do not use with GEL or AGM battery.

* Do not charge Lithium battery!

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