Purchase & Payment

You can select the goods from Products or contact us via following channels

Hotline 081 431 6470, 081 931 1304
Telephone 0 2221 9457-8, 0 2225 2778-9, 0 2222 4211
Fax 0 2225 4830
Email sales@rungseng.com / rs_sales1@hotmail.co.th

If you have selected the goods or already have the goods details, you can inform our staff those information in contacting for faster service. For any contacts via electronic means we will get back to you at soonest possible.

Suggestion: for the goods that required more technical information or with complicated details, please supply as much information as possible to us so we can recommend the most appropriate products for your use. We reserve the rights not accepting of return goods in case of incorrect types or model, or for the goods that purchased more than 3 days, except the defected or damaged goods from production.

Pick-up and Delivery: You can pick-up the goods at our location.  We also provide delivery upon request (may have additional charges, please contact us for more information).  For other provinces (outside Bangkok metropolitan area), we can provide delivery via trucks transport company, express delivery service or postal service that suitable with the goods (with service charges collected from service provider).  Anyhow, the delivery will be done only after we have fully received your payment accordingly.

Payments: You can pay by cash, credit card or bank transfer.  In case of bank transfer, you will have to responsible for all bank charges and fees (if any).  We will only receive the payment in full amount.  You can select which bank you are convenient to remit transfer (please check with us for more details).  After you have done the payment, please inform us your payment information with evident so we can check and trace back and acknowledge receive to you at soonest possible.  We will be able to acknowledge receive of your payment within 2 working days.

Tax Invoice policy: If you wish to have TAX INVOICE, please inform us all required information with PP20 or Registration Certificate (for Juristic Person) or Identification card (certify true copy and crossing mention “For contacting with Rung Saeng Worachak (1992) Co., Ltd.” with dated). We will not issue TAX INVOICE that not conform with transaction in any case, including over-priced and different products.

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